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    The Earth’s climate is destabilising and the planet is in crisis.




    But our movement is growing.




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Reclaim Power

People around the world are concerned with the expansion of dirty energy projects in their communities. Reclaim Power, The Global Month of Action on Energy brings together small and large groups globally, fighting dirty energy and promoting renewable alternatives.

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Main dates in Europe:

  • Global Frackdown

    11 - 19 October

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    Fracking is often said to be a perfect transition fuel but it comes with a few hidden extras…

    Find out more here

  • People vs Coal

    20 - 27 October

    The world’s biggest polluter conference is happening in Berlin. So let’s make a huge noise!

    Find out more here


  • Shell, clean up your mess!

    28 October - 3 November

    Shell failed to clean up decades of pollution in the Niger Delta. We need to stand with affected communities.

    Find out more here

  • Community Power

    4 - 11 November

    Communities are standing up for democratic renewable alternatives. Let’s amplify their voices!

    Find out more here


Fancy doing something on a different topic?

Check out this page with other issues and dates during the Reclaim Power month of action on energy and visit the global site on www.reclaimpower.net

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