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Four days ago Yeb Sano, lead negotiator for the Philippines at the UN climate talks launched a petition on Avaaz, collecting signatures from around the world of people standing with the Philippines to push the governments meeting at the UN climate summit happening now to ratchet up pollution controls and help poorer communities with funding.

Today young activists stood in solidarity with Yeb Sano as more than 600,000 petition signatures were handed in alongside more than 100 photo solidarity actions from all across the world (you can see some of them here) You can stand with the Philippines & sign the petition here.

Here in Warsaw we are standing with the Philippines and took part in a photo solidarity action with members of climate justice organisations who are attending the climate talks.

Alongside this some young people attending the UN climate talks are fasting in solidarity with Yeb Sano who has been fasting since the beginning of the negotiations and will continue to do so until a meaningful climate agreement is in sight.

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You can stand in solidarity with the Philippines from Thursday in a global candlelit vigil continuing to the end of the UN Climate talks.

You don't have to be in Warsaw to participate & this is a great opportunity to show your support from wherever you are in the world. We encourage you to organise a vigil in your local community. Take a photo of your action and use the hashtag #WeStandWithYou to show your solidarity with those suffering in the Philippines & to continue to put pressure on the climate negotiations to reach a just, binding deal on climate change. Find out more & register your vigil here.

You can keep up to date with Push Europe activities at the UN Climate Talks on the website on Twitter at @Push_Europe or on Facebook