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Yesterday, at the opening of the 19th Conference of the Parties, young climate activists from across Europe gathered outside the entrance of the Polish National Stadium to hand out flyers as part of the Reclaim Power Month of Action on Energy to delegates and participants at COP19, and to demand an immediate ban on new fossil fuel projects.

Through the action young European activists on the inside connected with the movement on the outside and sent a clear, strong message to welcome delegates and remind them that we won't stand by as the planetary emergency heightens.

During the final day of Reclaim Power, Global Month of Action on Energy and over the last week the focus has been on renewable energy. We’ve seen actions across Europe including a series of giant human wind turbines.

In Brussels more than a 150 people formed the shape of a giant wind turbine in front of the European Parliament.

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As Reclaim Power draws to an end, we have come to Warsaw to share our message with the delegates. Our message is clear: NO to dirty and harmful energy, and YES to renewable energy for people and communities. Despite the fact that the Global Month of Action is over, the campaign doesn’t end here and we will continue our fight for climate justice and renewable, community-owned energy solutions.

We will continue to deliver the vital message of the Reclaim Power campaign and we demand that all governments ban new dirty energy projects, end subsidies & public handouts to dirty energy companies, and stop excessive energy consumption by corporations & corporate elites.

You can follow Push Europe’s activities in Warsaw both inside & outside the conference on our website, on Facebook and on twitter @push_europe #cop19